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Taylor, Cody, Ryver

Taylor and Cody took a struggling motel in Colville (northeast Washington State) and turned it around 180°.  So, when they expressed an interest in Cashmere they were hired on the spot!  They are a swiss-army knife of talent- they handle renovations, advertising, operations, etc.  And if there's something they can't figure out - they call Ryver. 

Rosa and Esme

Rosa and Esme are an unstoppable mother-daughter duo that make Cashmere go!  They handle cleaning, run the front desk, and even brought their younger brother/son to do his high school community service helping out with renovations.  They are the best!

The Roths

Lucas and Lacie with Maeva (12), Brooks (10), Remy (5), bought the Cashmere Inn in July 2022 and have loved the process of renovating and bringing the property to life.  No one has ever accused them of taking a good picture.

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